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What Is Accessible Web Design?

Put simply, web accessibility is about designing a site to ensure that its content is available to the maximum number of visitors, including people with disabilities, regardless of the technology they are using.

Accessible sites prioritise content, structure and ease of navigation over frivolous aspects of design; however that doesn't mean they can't look great and utilise the latest technologies.

On a practical level, basic accessibility includes providing alternative text descriptions for people that cannot see or hear, using simple, intuitive site navigation that can be used via a mouse or keyboard, clear labelling and page structure, not relying on javascript, and allowing visitors to change the size of text and page colours.

Accessibility and usability are not the same thing; however, they do overlap in many areas, and web developers who design with accessibility in mind are often able to improve their web site for all users.

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We're not interested in being trendy or flash – we're interested in making accessible, easy-to-use websites that work.

“Out of Trees provides a first class service. The feedback I have had with regard to our website has been excellent.”

Phillip Cronin,
Secretary, Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund

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