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Planning Your Web Site

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  1. Introduction
  2. Consider your needs |
  3. Consider your audience |
  4. Consider your audience's needs |
  5. Decide on the required features |
  6. Consider the site's appearance |
  7. Work out your budget |


There are many factors that contribute to a successful web site; branding, creativity, writing, technology and organisation are all important, but careful planning is what can really make or break a site.

Whether you're developing a high-budget e-commerce site, or a simple online brochure, a little preparation will keep your project focused, on-budget and on-schedule.

Over the following pages we outline some of the main things you should consider before you or your designer/developer begin work on your Web site.

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We're not interested in being trendy or flash – we're interested in making accessible, easy-to-use websites that work.

“I have been fully satisfied with this company who has consistently delivered a prompt and efficient service. I can highly recommend the service to anyone who is looking for realibilty, affordability and attention to detail.”

Dr. Aileen Alleyne,

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