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SelectaPix FAQ

Please read through these common problems/answers before contacting us about SelectaPix. Thanks.

Why haven't I received a reply to my email?

The question you have asked is either answered in this FAQ or in the help file supplied with the application. Please remember that SelectaPix is free software. We have to make a living as well people!

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When I try to view my gallery I get warning messages and no images are displayed

Warning messages similar to Warning: getimagesize(): Read error! indicate that the paths you entered in your config file are incorrect. You should correct the values for $SITE_PATH and $IMAGE_DIR and re-upload the config file.

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I am using version 1.0 or 1.1 of SelectaPix and after uploading images my gallery is empty but the admin pages aren't.

Sorry, this is a bug. Please download and install version 1.2.

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How do I change the look of SelectaPix?

All of the styles for SelectaPix can be changed by editing general.css in the assets folder. Please note that we can re style SelectaPix for you, but we will charge for this service. We do not offer (free) advice on editing style sheets.

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How do I integrate SelectaPix with my existing site?

You will need to edit the two gallery pages (index.php and view_album.php) to include any additional content and the style sheet (general.css) in the assets folder. Full instructions are included in the README. Please note that we can integrate SelectaPix for you, but we will charge for this service. We do not offer (free) advice on integration.

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My web server has version 1.xx of the GD library installed. Why doesn't SelectaPix work?

SelectaPix utilises GD functions that became available from version 2.0.l. These give vastly superior performance and image quality. We may (time permitting) add functionality for earlier versions of GD in a later release of SelectaPix.

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How can I change the level of JPEG compression applied to the images?

In the latest version of SelectaPix you can adjust image quality in your config file. For older versions, if you would prefer the images created by SelectaPix to be higher in quality, or alternatively to be of a smaller file size, you can easily adjust the level of compression used. Open upload.php which is in the classes directory. Find the following chunk of code, which should be at about line 282:

if (!ImageJpeg($thumb_destination, $thumb_name_location, 70)) {

else if (!ImageJpeg($image_destination, $image_name_location, 70)) {

The number 70 represents the quality of the JPEG compression used when creating the thumbnail image and main image respectively. The figure can be set to between 0 (worst quality, smaller file) and 100 (best quality, biggest file) depending on your needs. The default setting of 70 is about average, and tends to give a reasonable balance between quality and file size. You may set the thumbnail images to a different level of compression than the main images, if you wish.

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I get 'Warning: imagejpeg()' type errors when I try to upload photos?

Many people have reported errors similar to the following:

Warning: imagejpeg(): Unable to open '/home/yoursite/public_html/images/tn_testimage.jpg'
for writing in /home/yoursite/public_html/images/classes/upload.php on line 280

and the message:

There was a problem uploading your photo:
The thumbnail was not created. You may use the form below to try again.

This is is caused by an incorrect value in your configuration script - config.php. The image upload uses a combination of two config values to work out the path on your server to your images folder - $SITE_PATH & $IMAGE_DIR. You need to double check that these values, when added together equal the correct path for your server.

Please do not email us for support if you are having these problems - they are config related and not caused by code errors.

See this FAQ for additional troubleshooting advice

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I use Norton Firewall and just get an error when trying to download SelectPix

Many people have reported receiving the following error when using Norton Firwall:

You cannot directly link to this file. Please visit the
SelectaPix Downloads Page to download it.

This is is caused by Norton Firwall blocking your web browser from sending HTTP referer headers. We use these headers to prevent 'hot linking' to our software.

Please do not email us for support if you are having these problems - simply disable Norton whilst downloading your copy.

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The installer complains that my images directory isn't writeable but I've CHMOD'd it correctly

This 'error' is usually caused by an incorrect value for $SITE_PATH in your config file. Often the actual path on a linux server to any given directory is not the one that you see when connecting via ftp (this is often a so-called 'virtual' path).

If your hosting provider doesn't provide this info, then try the following:

Create an empty text file and add the following lines:


Save it as test.php and upload it to your server space. Now fire up the page in a web browser; scroll right to the bottom of the page (under the php variables section) and look for the _SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] variable.

Set your $SITE_PATH variable (in config.php) to the same value as the above, re-upload it and all should be ok.

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“Being a technical person myself, I was able to understand the pride which they take in their coding. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you whatsoever and will continue to work with them in an ongoing basis.”

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CEO, Wedding Path

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